How can a web designer find inspirations?

Inspiration for design comes from all that surrounds us.

Being a web designer calls for you to be creative in order to come up with unique designs for clients. Creativity may sometimes become challenging thus the need to find inspiration. Here’s how a web designer can find inspiration.

Follow the right people

Have a list of top designers such as jemcologics – Grand Rapids that you look up to. It is especially important to follow people that give reports about the design industry. The information may help trigger a new way of thinking. Moreover, it helps you to keep up to date with the happenings that will help you with clients and projects.

Get more ideas

Find insights on new designs by broadening your knowledge base. Get more ideas from websites, blogs and even movies. The trick is to look for the ideas away from what you are used to. Try and read a different blog, watch a different movie from what you are used to.

What’s more, do something that you don’t like to put yourself out of your comfort zone. Doing this triggers the mind and you are able to come up with a fresh idea on how to create a design. The key is to get out of the comfort zone and be inspired by more ideas.

Use Gallery websites

The use of online galleries is the most common way that many designers use to find inspiration. Gallery websites are online websites that have many designs from skilled designers. They keep a record of amazing collections and give awards to the best designs.

These websites are not only a source of inspiration but are also a way to meet other designers. Some of the leading gallery websites Awwwards, Site Inspire, The Best Design, CSS Winner and Pinterest.

The only downside of using gallery websites is web design homogeneity. This is where many of the designers get inspiration from similar sources and therefore tend to create designs that look alike.

Designers are therefore encouraged to use what they get from the gallery websites to think outside the box and come up with unique projects and not copy the designs.

Join designer-focused communities

Social communities that discuss and showcase website design provide get inspiration. There are many available but among the best designer-centric communities is Dribble. Creating an account is pretty straightforward.

Here, designers share details of what they are working on. However, they don’t disclose full details but a glimpse of the design. This helps to inspire other designers to work and create other projects.

Another great community is Behance. It is a bit different from Dribble since users share their portfolio and get feedback from other designers. You can use the portfolios to get ideas on how to improve or get new design ideas.

Learn from websites you don’t like

The final way that you can get inspiration is using what you don’t like. Looking what you don’t like will help you get ideas on how to create a masterpiece. Use websites from Google, click around and identify some that require improvement. Take notes on the layout, pages, buttons and other features.

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