How to make money with PPC VS SEO

This article is about Pay per click marketing, sale and how it works for online or offline companies. It talks about the pros and cons of pay per click marketing, including how you can use it to make money for your business. This article discusses how to make sure that your company’s link is the first one seen when someone uses a search engine to look up a topic or product on the internet. It also talks about PPC ads, and how they work. As well, it tells what to expect when utilizing a PPC marketing campaign.

Planning a marketing campaign for a business can be tricky at best in any situation, but especially when you are marketing a business on the web. Pay per click marketing can be a useful tool for an online company, or even an offline business that just wants to advertise on the internet.


PPC Marketing works the best with search engines. When someone types a keyword and clicks on search, a list of options shows up for them to click. So, how does that work? Who decides which website comes first on the list of search results, and why does this list sometimes appear in a different order every day?

The answers are simple. If you want your website to be the first on the search engine’s list, you have to be the highest bidder. Bidding costs vary, but they are usually within the range of $0.05 – $0.20 per keyword or key phrase. This is why sometimes the first few search engine results move up and down – one person or company outbid the others that day (or sometimes that hour!).

PPC marketing is great for businesses because it is fast and it is predictable. So what can this do for you? Well, if your website shows up on top of the search results then there is a high probability of most users clicking your URL. Since the traffic is extremely targeted and based on relevant keywords, you’re going to get sales, leads and an unlimited source of potential buyers.


Once you have signed up with a PPC marketing campaign, you should see results within a day or two. When comparing pay per click marketing with SEO, PPC comes out way ahead, because with SEO, you usually have to wait 6 months or more before you see any results. When you go with PPC, the results come through fast and thick. So you can start banking hard from day one!

This type of marketing is also good because it is predictable. It works the same for everyone – you bid the highest, and set the amount you want to pay, and people are guaranteed to click on your links. You can also put ads on different websites, where people can click. Here, you pay every time someone clicks, but you also have the ability to peruse the websites first, and only put ads on relevant pages, where there is more of a chance that your ads will be clicked on by genuinely interested people. And genuinely interested people usually equal: customers.
PPC marketing can be a good asset to you and your company. As long as you do your research and make sure that you optimize your landing pages for maximum conversions, you will be laughing all the way to the bank! Now there is definitely strong competition with PPC as well. Your competitors will copy your campaigns, they will try to outbid you and grab a piece of the pie. The solution to this is to continuously tweak and find more profitable keywords to target. Finally, you should not rely on a single traffic source to generate revenue for your business. Indulge in SEO, Social Media, PPC and other forms of advertising and continuously innovate; this will give you an edge and you will always stay ahead of your competitors.


About the author:

Karen Praine is a French blogger and search engines specialist at Keen seo agency Malta. She has been working for Keen LTD for the past 5 years. She is also an SEO executive at Curmi Marketing SEO MALTA. And while she enjoys her job, Karen feels fulfilled when she actually helps people succeed in their business ventures.